This paste is produced based on white fish only from the species Southern Blue Whiting (Micromesistius Australis) and Hoki (Macruronus Magellanicus). The packaging is made in 20 kilos boxes (2 x 10 kilos blocks, in polybags). Estimated annual production of 10,000 tons.



20 公斤纸箱包装, 每箱两盘,每盘10公斤塑料聚乙稀包装.

鱼糜年产量 10000 吨左右.


This product is produce by doing an integral utilization of the resources caught, and is a by-product obtained in the Surimi production process, and eventually, in the production process of blocks. The packaging is done in 30 kilos raffia bags. Estimated annual production of 1,600 tons.



30 公斤高强度编制袋包装. 

鱼粉年产量 1600 吨左右


Headed, Gutted and Tailed made mainly from as Patagonian Toothfish, Hoki, Southern Hake, King Clip and Silver Warehou. The packaging is made in 25 kilos boxes (2 x 12.50 kilos blocks, in polybags). Estimated annual production of 700 tons.


泰安轮的鱼段是由鱼种加工,去头,去尾,去肠. 可加工鱼段的种类为, 黑鳕,长尾鳕,凌鳕,无须鳕 等等阿水域的其他鱼类.

25 公斤纸箱包装, 每箱两盘,每盘12.50公斤塑料聚乙稀包装.

鱼段年产量 700 吨左右.

In addition, the vessel has the ability to produce Fillets (in blocks or skin on).
These products are normally packed in 21 kilos boxes (3 x 7 kilos blocks).


Main Species:

SpanishEnglishScientificLatin America
PolacaSouthern Blue WhitingMicromesistius AustralisMerluza tres aletas
Merluza de ColaHokiMacruronus MagellanicusMerluza de Cola
Merluza NegraPatagonian Toothfish o Chilean Sea BassDissostichus eleginoidesBacalao de profundidad
AbadejoKing ClipGenypterus blacodesCongrio Dorado
GranaderoGrenadierCoelorhynchus fasciatusGranadero
Merluza AustralSouthern HakeMerluccius australisMerluza del Sur / Merluzón
SavorínSilver WarehouSeriolella porosaCojinova

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